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I don't understand i just found now your game, first off all well done, great.. Disney took away the Space Paranoids Game,.. but i made a second version after a HardDisk failure..  Unity stopped supporting the Game, but i recreated it for the moment for Mac.. :

I LOVE your game! it's REALLy great, but maybe if you added in some of those flying things that might attack you that would be AWESOME! yeah, and maye a larger grid.

Really good game, however I wish I could possibly go a bit faster and maybe rid in a larger grid? Other than that really good game!

Hey, glad you liked it!
I'm currently finishing off another project but once that's done I've got plans to go back and improve the game as well as port the game over to Air Console. This should include a few more maps and possibly another game mode; I like the idea of faster bikes!

Hey there, I finished you game and it is pretty impressive, I would love to play it more when more is developed. Had issues with playing games online but thank you for the downloadable version. 5/5. Gameplay link is below:

Youtube: Fellowplayer

Good reference to the famous scene of Disney movie. Plus the tron arcade also came early in the first tron movie.

perhaps you can also see this on another digital world:


2nd Link: Fix-it-Felix jr.

3rd Link: